Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hello: The Blind Center of Nevada in Las Vegas would like to spotlight a social event that occurs once a week. Every Wednesday afternoon, a variety of dance steps and styles are taught to blind or visually impaired members by one of our professional dance instructors who volunteer their time to this worthwhile project.

This form of social interaction helps to promote better health, a sense of balance, courage to express themselves through dance, and the chance to dance with a partner who understands what it is like to navigate around on the dance floor being visually impaired. Most of all, everyone just has a good time!

For times, and more information, please call the Blind Center at (702) 642-6000.

"Throughout my life, I've seen the difference that volunteering efforts can make in people's lives. I know the personal value of service as a local volunteer." -
Jimmy Carter

1001 N. Bruce Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
702.642.6000 Phone
702.649.6739 Fax

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